photos by:  r  ashiid   coleman

photos by: rashiid coleman



There are a couple of ways to explain what exactly EVERYBODYEATS is. for starters EVERYBODYEATS is a potluck and performance series that highlights the benefits of good food, great music, and a collection of like minded folks having a genuinely good time. I cannot stress how much fun it has been throwing these shows and getting that face to food connection with the people. 
Secondly EVERYBODYEATS is a mantra that fuels the passion I have for making and sharing this music. I am nothing without my family and friends that helped me believe in my own dreams. They saw that my plate was empty and they fed me hope. I want to share that hope and belief in one's dreams with others. together it is possible for everybody to eat ya dig!
I could say so much more but I don't want to drag this on any longer. Thank you for stopping by this page. That lovely calendar to your right will have all the events where I will be performing if you want to see me do this rap thing live. stay blessed.